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random disscussion [08 Aug 2005|01:08am]

What does everyone think of the idea of tool oriented music with some horns in it? Not happy and upbeat like ska.
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Posting/Members [25 Jun 2005|04:21pm]

Can I ask of everyone to please find some more members and/or start posting more-it is hard to get a community started here.
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Let's get started [22 Jun 2005|05:57pm]

It doesn't seem like we will be gettin new members right away, so I will start.

Open my third eyeCollapse )
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First Post [21 Jun 2005|07:12pm]

Hey everyone. As you read, this is a community for artsy people who listen to Tool and A Perfect Circle. So all I can say is when you post, tell us a bit about yourself, and post some of your work or post work done from the band to discuss. If anyone has any questions, just comment.
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