Ookami (wolves_shadow) wrote in tool_inspired,

First Post

Hey everyone. As you read, this is a community for artsy people who listen to Tool and A Perfect Circle. So all I can say is when you post, tell us a bit about yourself, and post some of your work or post work done from the band to discuss. If anyone has any questions, just comment.
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Joined :D
I recently started listening to Tool and APC and everytime i watch one of their live concerts Im like jaw-dropped..Maynard is such an inspiration and both bands' lyrics rock!
I spend most of my time @ work trying to decipher songs and stuff Maynard has said in interviews cause the guy's like unbelievable and seems to be so ahead in everything!
Awsome! Love to have u on board. We need to get a few new members before we start off. So if you can recruit tha'd be great. Thanx.